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Episode 7 – Reka Lashawn

Reka Lashawn took time out of her busy schedule during the Covid-19 outbreak to talk to us about her experiences as an APRN and her new role as a motivational speaker. The daughter of a teen mom, Reka also had her first child at a young age and worked her way up to a master’s degree in nursing with determination and grit. She founded a local group called WOW, Building Women of Worth to provide young women with the tools and resources to help them learn and to be active in their communities.

Show Notes:

You can find Reka also under the name Ericka Small. Find her on LinkedIn.

You can also find her on her website:


WOW teens on a trip!

Episode 6 – Jackie Maker

Jackie Maker is a woman on the go. She has her own consulting business helping clients with motivation–she loves helping people to be all they can be. She’s also on the board of Charity Reimagined and on the board of W.I.N., The Women’s Impact Network of North Idaho. She is enthusiastic and energetic in a way that left us both buzzing after our interview.

Show Notes:

Find Jackie on LinkedIn and on her website,

She also has an Etsy shop!

Episode 5 – Chief Toni Washington

We are so excited for you to meet Chief Toni Washington. She’s led the city of Decatur’s department in Georgia for eleven years and along with her leadership team of Deputy-Chief Morrison and Assistant-Chief Violante, she has the only all female fire command staff in the entire nation. In a world where only three percent of firefighters are women, this kind of leadership is a triumph.

Show Notes:

A little more about Chief Washington

Here’s a link to what her fire department is all about.