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Episode 12- Stephanie Ruby Compton

Stephanie Ruby Compton is currently the CEO of Ruby Outdoors–a service for professionals who want to spend quality time outdoors. She has extensive experience working as a Camp educator and is also a co-host for the Camp Code podcast.

We loved Ruby’s enthusiasm for sharing her thoughts on getting outside and her love of the natural world. As a leader, she is all about finding opportunities, pushing out of comfort zones, and never being afraid of the word no.

Ruby Outdoors: Her website for how to get outside and be better.

Find Ruby on LinkedIn

Other resources for getting outside:

Ruby co-hosts the Camp Code podcast

Episode 11 – Jacklyn Osborne

Jacklyn Osborne had been the Data Quality Control Executive for Bank of America for only six weeks when we sat down to talk with her experiences as a high level liaison between the business and tech world. Throughout her career, Jacklyn has created allies through delivering on action. When we think of this episode the phrase that we keep circling back to is, “How can I help you?” Jacklyn’s journey to leadership is fascinating and data driven, she shared with us not only her work experience, but also her work life balance blog, 52 Weeks of Me.

Show Notes:

Find Jacklyn Osborne on Linkedin

Her blog: 52 Weeks of Me


Episode 10 – Natalee Drummond-Fairley

In this episode we had the privilege to speak with Natalee Drummond-Fairley about her experience as a trial attorney who owns and runs her own law firm in Atlanta, Georgia. Natalee was recently nominated to the National Black Lawyers top 100–an organization dedicated to promoting diversity and equity in our legal system.

This episode is a little different from the ones we’ve done so far, in that we interviewed Natalee right in the thick of the George Floyd protests. We felt it was important to give Natalee a platform as a legal scholar and a woman of color to speak about her feelings surrounding racial injustice and to also give our listeners a view into a leadership experience that they may not have witnessed before.

Joshua and I hope that this conversation we’ve shared with Natalee helps to open minds and broaden perspectives on what it means to be a BIPOC leader in the United States today. Thank you, Natalee for sharing you story.

Show Notes:

You can Find Natalee Drummond-Fairley on Linkedin

Natalee Drummond-Fairley’s website: The Fairley Firm

Want to learn more about some of the issues Natalee discussed in the episode? #BlackLivesMatter

Episode 9 – Angela Jones

In August of 2019, Angela Jones was selected as the CEO of Washington STEM. As the leader of a statewide nonprofit that advocates for STEM education for all students; with a focus on students of color, students in rural communities, students with low income households, and girls, Angela reaches into her diverse background of experiences to build relationships across the state. With programs like Notable Women in STEM and Advocacy to help lawmakers understand the importance of computer science and career connected learning, Washington STEM is reaching out into communites and schools to change the access students have to science, technology, engineering and math education.

We recorded this episode with Angela in late May. The Black Lives Matter protests that are rocking the foundations of this nation was on all our minds. We are grateful for her taking the time to talk about her experiences in leadership and education.

Show Notes:

Press release: Washington STEM Selects Angela Jones as New CEO

Angela Jones’ LinkedIn

This Moment in Time — A Message from Angela Jones, J.D., Washington STEM CEO

Episode 8 – Amelia Clark

Our 8th guest, Amelia Clark, Administrative Officer of the Spokane Regional Health District chats with us about stepping into new leadership rolls, facets of public health during a pandemic, and the importance of building a personal mission statement for yourself.

Amelia was a joy to talk to and she is definitely one of those people who you can connect with and learn from.

Inspiration from the show:

“Public health is always political but it doesn’t need to be partisan.”

“When you are passionate about something–you have to remember business is not personal.”

Show Notes:

An Inlander article about Amelia Clark

Connect with Amelia on LinkedIn



Episode 7 – Reka Lashawn

Reka Lashawn took time out of her busy schedule during the Covid-19 outbreak to talk to us about her experiences as an APRN and her new role as a motivational speaker. The daughter of a teen mom, Reka also had her first child at a young age and worked her way up to a master’s degree in nursing with determination and grit. She founded a local group called WOW, Building Women of Worth to provide young women with the tools and resources to help them learn and to be active in their communities.

Show Notes:

You can find Reka also under the name Ericka Small. Find her on LinkedIn.

You can also find her on her website:


WOW teens on a trip!

Episode 6 – Jackie Maker

Jackie Maker is a woman on the go. She has her own consulting business helping clients with motivation–she loves helping people to be all they can be. She’s also on the board of Charity Reimagined and on the board of W.I.N., The Women’s Impact Network of North Idaho. She is enthusiastic and energetic in a way that left us both buzzing after our interview.

Show Notes:

Find Jackie on LinkedIn and on her website,

She also has an Etsy shop!

Episode 5 – Chief Toni Washington

We are so excited for you to meet Chief Toni Washington. She’s led the city of Decatur’s department in Georgia for eleven years and along with her leadership team of Deputy-Chief Morrison and Assistant-Chief Violante, she has the only all female fire command staff in the entire nation. In a world where only three percent of firefighters are women, this kind of leadership is a triumph.

Show Notes:

A little more about Chief Washington

Here’s a link to what her fire department is all about.

Episode 4 – Lisa Corcoran

This week’s guest is Lisa L. Corcoran! In addition to being the current project manager for the Planning and Engineering Department at Spokane International Airport, Lisa reaches out to our local Spokane community colleges and elementary schools to spread her love of STEM. We had a great conversation with Lisa about her views on leadership and STEM careers for women.

Show Notes:

Connect with Lisa on LinkedIn.