About Us

Hi all!  Welcome to Taking Her Lead!  We are so excited to begin this project and share it.

Taking Her Lead is a project that includes our podcast, a blog that will be coming out and soon to post resources in line with each podcast and blog.

Our mission is to promote the dialogue focused on how women can naturally bring leadership traits that are essential to both just plain good leadership, as well as the changes that need to happen in our country.

Women often have to play the masculine game.  While certainly not all men in leadership exhibit this, the prevailing approach of men is one of dominance, win-lose, aggressive negotiating, top-down and hierarchy.

It is difficult, given the prevailing masculine atmosphere in leadership, for women to bring their natural traits, but essential.  Nurturing, collaboration, win-win, shared leadership, conversation and staff driven solutions are some of these traits.

We intend to showcase women on our podcast who have found ways to bring their full selves to their work in leadership.

This project is for women who are in leadership and want to bring more of their selves, women who want to get into leadership and bring these traits, and individuals of all genders and roles who wish to further this conversation.

Here we go!  Feel free to comment and help us move this forward!

Joshua Mayer and Trace Kerr