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I strive to give women at all stages of influence and leadership a platform to tell their stories and explain how they lead.

It is my hope that Taking Her Lead can become a stepping stone to help listeners find their own path into leadership.

More about Joshua Everett Mayer:

Joshua began working alongside women in leadership when he began serving individuals with different abilities in 1994. In 2012, he began directing camps for individuals with rare medical conditions and different abilities. He also made a point of employing women and promoting them into leadership roles. One of his crowning achievements as a leader was to promote himself out of his job by appointing his female assistant director into his position. Joshua has worked as a contract negotiator for private businesses in the NW for eight years, spent four years as a special education teacher and team lead, and seven years as a camp director. As a lifelong learner, he holds his B.Ed. in Special Education from Gonzaga University, his M.Ed. in Leadership from City University of Seattle, and his certification in Nonprofit Management from the University of Washington. He is trained in crisis de-escalation and applied behavior analysis.

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