Episode 10 – Natalee Drummond-Fairley

In this episode we had the privilege to speak with Natalee Drummond-Fairley about her experience as a trial attorney who owns and runs her own law firm in Atlanta, Georgia. Natalee was recently nominated to the National Black Lawyers top 100–an organization dedicated to promoting diversity and equity in our legal system.

This episode is a little different from the ones we’ve done so far, in that we interviewed Natalee right in the thick of the George Floyd protests. We felt it was important to give Natalee a platform as a legal scholar and a woman of color to speak about her feelings surrounding racial injustice and to also give our listeners a view into a leadership experience that they may not have witnessed before.

Joshua and I hope that this conversation we’ve shared with Natalee helps to open minds and broaden perspectives on what it means to be a BIPOC leader in the United States today. Thank you, Natalee for sharing you story.

Show Notes:

You can Find Natalee Drummond-Fairley on Linkedin

Natalee Drummond-Fairley’s website: The Fairley Firm

Want to learn more about some of the issues Natalee discussed in the episode? #BlackLivesMatter

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