Episode 3 – Jen Ranney

For our third episode, we’d like to introduce you to Jen Ranney–she’s a leader in the Spokane community and we were honored to get to spend a few hours talking with her about leadership, management, and education. Jen is the current director of the Next Generation Zone in Spokane and we are so excited for you to meet her.

You’ll also be hearing a new voice on this episode; Trace Kerr has joined the Taking Her Lead team as a new co-host. She’s thrilled to be able to join in the conversation about women in leadership!

Show Notes:

Want to learn more about Jen Ranney? You should. Here’s her Linkedin.

Check out the Next Generation Zone!

The Next Generation Zone provides the young adults of Spokane County with a one-stop location for education, career skills training, and community and employment resources, in order to set them up for success in achieving their life and career goals.  We envision a thriving community where our region’s young adults are educated and prepared to become the workforce of tomorrow.


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